Some Thoughts on OSD700

As a junior developer, you know how to code is adequate. While as a senior developer, you should know how to maintain and manage a project, as well as how to review other’s code. From now on, I will be learning these skills and gaining experience in the field of open source development.

There are two areas that I will be focusing on, project management and technical improvement.

Project management

This is a big challenge of this course. Since I have no experience in managing and maintaining a big project, I don’t know where to start it.

For instance, I reviewed a Pull Request #1527, it failed in Continuous Integration check – Netlify. After doing a research, I found that Netlify is a web deployment platform. But I was confused that we had already included Vercel in CI check, and why we need to include Netlify as well? Another question is, what message I could leave to the author? As I didn’t find any useful error messages on Netlify app, the logs only pointed out “Failing build”. I could not give the author any suggestion on this issue, if I encounter the same problem, I don’t know how to improve my code to pass the check. Therefore, although I have reviewed this PR, it looks like I have not done anything.

Technical Contribution

This weekend, I went through 3 projects.

I definitely want to get involved in Telescope. I am sure I will spend my time on this project.

I gave my contribution to project Blockly last semester. It is written by pure JavaScript, so you don’t need to know numerous frameworks or libraries to get involved. However, it is a full-fledged project, finding an existing bug or issue to fix is not easy. Therefore, I will keep checking out its issues to find something I can do.

I know this project from David’s case study. I am interested in this project and set it up locally, if I have enough time, I think I will give a try on it.

Let’s start a new journey.

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