Plan on Release0.4

For release0.4, I will still focus on the project Telescope.

Why do I choose it?

First reason is that I am so interested in the concept of Telescope. In my daily life, I like to read some technique blogs, usually I add the websites to my Favorites folder, and go to these websites regularly to check if there are new blogs or updates. However, it is not efficient and timely. Thus, when I met Telescope, I thought that maybe I could build a similar website for myself to track those blog websites I am following. To do that, I need to figure out how Telescope works and the techniques involved. So, writing code and fixing bugs to Telescope is the best way for me to learn the project.

Second reason is that Telescope front-end is migrating from Gatsby to Next.js, I heard Next.js before and I am seeking an opportunity to learn this react based front-end framework. Now, Telescope gives me this chance to use Next.js, I am ready to start hacking!

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