Reflection on Pull Request

Before I took this course, I used gitHub and I knew how to clone a project from gitHub, but I did not know that the correct process was that I should fork the project first. Therefore, I want to write down the correct steps for those people who want to contribute to an open-source project.

Steps of contributing and submitting a Pull Request to others’ repository
  • forking the project that you are interested in to your GitHub
  • creating an issue on origin project repository
  • cloning and making a new branch, naming the branch with issue #No.
  • working on code
  • updating the documents and other files
  • submitting a pull request, using keyword ‘close/fix/resolve’ and ‘issue #No’ in your PR description to link an Issue and Pull Request automatically.
  • getting feedback from the original repo’s author, changing your code, repeating the cycle until the project owner approves and merges your work.

Now, go back to my first Pull Request, I added a new feature to the project eunbeek/findBrokenGlass, which allowed the tool to find and check files/subfiles recursively by passing directory paths. I followed the correct steps to fork the project first, then opened a issue#7 to let the author know I would add the feature. As I said in my previous blog, even Eunbee Kim and I used the same language to build a similar tool, our code implementation is totally different. How to make my code style consistent with Eunbee’s style is my primary consideration. This required me to understand her code thoroughly. I learn a lot from this process.

It is an interesting and exciting experience. Looking forward to my next Pull Request.

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