Testing on Release 0.1

This week we have a lab which requires us to test and review other classmate’s Release 0.1 code. Since I use Java to build the tool, I prefer to test and review code using the same language. Therefore, when Eunbee Kim posted a message on Slack, I replied to her that I could test and reviewed the code with her.

After I git clone the repository, following readme.md to run the program. I met the first problem issue #1. I could not run it on PowerShell, so I contacted Eunbee Kim on Slack directly. She solved the problem quickly.

The second problem issue #2 is missing version feature. When I typed ./UrlCheck --v/--version , the name of the tool and its version were not printed.

The last problem I found issue #3 is wrong output. This need to be discussed again. UrlCheck -s <fileName> I think this ‘-s’ flag is duplicated, because ‘http’ in URLs will be redirect to ‘https’. If not, it means that URL doesn’t work.

I am impressed on Eunbee Kim’s code, she uses JNA library to solve the problem of ANSI escape code on Windows operation system. This is the part I need to improve in my code.

While Eunbee Kim gave the feedback on my code, she submitted one issue about printing out error message, I have updated my code and close that isssue.

Besides, I submit an issue myself after I reviewed Kim’s code, I think I can add color output on Windows OS. I will fix the issue later.

Testing and reviewing code is a process of learning, even though Eunbee Kim and I use same language to build a similar tool, we have totally different idea and code. The helps me improve my programming skills.

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