A command line tool – checking broken URLs

Hooray! My first open source project is released. It is a very small project in the area of open source, but it is a big step to me.

“lc” (Link Checker) is the command name. On Unix-based Operation System, you can use “lc” command directly after setting the alias. For example: lc [-hV] <file>. Following figure demonstrates most features of the program.

The program is written in Java and picocli, you can find the code and instruction here: https://github.com/jossiey/LinkChecker-CmdLC . Moreover, a help message showing how to run the tool will be printed if you enter “lc” command. Any feedback on the project is welcomed.

Create a Java Command Line Program with Picocli and How to create a command line tool using Java? are two blogs introducing how to create a Java command line tool, which are very helpful.

In addition, I use regular expression to sort the protocol “http:// ” or “https:// ” from a file. The article Regular expressions in Java – Tutorial describes the usage of regular expressions in Java.

Last but not the least, I want to say, although the process of fixing bugs is painful, don’t give up, you are better than you think you are!

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