New Adventure

Hi everyone! My name is Jie Yang. You can call me Jossie. I am currently living in Toronto. I am so excited to start blogging here to record my footprints on the path of learning open source development.

As a freshman in the field of computer programming, I want to practice my programming skills in real life, that’s the reason why I take the course OSD600. I believe this course would be the most practical and useful course that I have ever taken, although it may be not easy to get a “A+”. Additionally, I have a passion for building tools that enhance the quality and simplicity of our life, while Open Source gives me the opportunity to achieve the dream.

To be a qualified open source contributor at the end of this semester is the goal I set for myself, even though I have limited experience in GitHub right now. Moreover, I have no idea what project I want to work on now. But I already have some choices through the research on a trending repo, such as , a repository that is a collection of open-source implementation of a variety of algorithms implemented in C++. Since I am learning data structure and algorithm, I think I can do some contributions on that. I will keep seeking those projects I am interested in in the coming days, and keep updated in my blog.

I can only hope that this blog will open up a new journey for me where I can share my open source projects, meet new people, and of course keep track of my weekly work.

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